Reims Living room

A contemporary and ultra chic living room, with a strong identity, where the linear shapes and decorations are a refined and contemporary reinterpretation of déco elegance.

Soft nubuck and neutral colors cover sofas, armchairs and coffee tables, while the bronzed legs soften the rigorous design. As a harmonious complement to the environment, ebony and leopard wood tables and table lamps with geometric decorations create an elegant yet cozy atmosphere.

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Too much of a good thing can be wonderful

Mae West

Sophisticated shades

The carthusian grey of the sofa complements the cream-colored leather of armchairs and coffee table, creating a neutral colors palette with a strong character, that beautifully matches the leopard wood coffee tables as well as paintings and accessories in more vivid colors. The bright transparency of the crystal reflects the light and adds a touch of modernity to the environment.

Exclusive evenings

A grand dining room, clearly inspired by art déco, suited to elegant and very exclusive evenings. Refined, functionally organized and aesthetically engaging environments: a perfect setting for friendships and strong social relationships.