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as you never conceived of it

A contemporary luxury that combines the ability to stand out with the pleasure of use.

A concept of luxury that bases not on opulence only nor does it recreate the stylistic elements of the elegance of past eras.


to renew the tradition

A collection based on powerful materials such as ebony and bronze, sensual like leather and nubuck, accomplices like the mirror and mother of pearl.

Furniture items

Each element of the Vimercati Contemporary line is a real piece of art, which attracts the eye and enhances the environment. Authoritative shapes and essential geometries highlight the free volumes of rooms designed to share unforgettable moments.

The charm

The Vimercati Contemporary line creates a perfect setting for contemporary living. An elegance that loves rigour and shows through the skilful use of materials

The precious Allure

of the most beautiful residences

Imposing and sculptural furniture punctuate and shape the space by expertly mixing cabinet-making and superlative leathers, light points and mirrors, for a spectacularly precise effect

Via Calabria 30/3220036 - Meda (Monza Brianza)ITALY
Via Calabria 30/3220036 - Meda
(Monza Brianza)ITALY